Caroline Talbot, Co-Director


"I come to Active Nation as a qualified Nurse passionate about health, and importantly; people. Nursing is a phenomenal space to truly understand the human body and mind.

Health is a holistic affair, and in a clinical setting we no longer just treat the symptom we treat the person. That's what excites me about Active Nation, we're helping people be the best they can be, by offering them research-backed, tried and effective solutions to their needs. We're about finding solutions, not just merely selling products."

Education and Experience.

"Since qualifying as a Nurse back in 2004, I've worked in multiple health arenas from clinical settings such as hospitals, speciality clinics and practices, through to more recent times where I have been involved in medical research at one of Australia's largest children's hospitals for a number of years.

Furthering my health knowledge is vital. Recently I successfully graduated as a Nutritionist which has added a further dimension to my thirst for understanding health"

Outside of Active Nation.

"We often refer to Active Nation as "our second child", and it really is. We live and breathe it, nurture it, never stop thinking about it, and absolutely love it.

Our first child though, Levi is the love of both Sam and my lives, and we love spending time as a family both at work and at play.

I also love endurance running, cycling, yoga and generally keeping fit and truly believe that health and wellness is fundamental to a long and happy life".
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