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Biofreeze's range of pain Relieving products feature soothing natural Menthol and ILEX. Biofreeze provides penetrating, long lasting pain relief from arthritis, sore muscles & joints to back pain. 

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel applied from a tube is your opportunity to create a more thorough application by massaging the affected area during application. Through massage you'll benefit from an increased blood flow and warming of the region at the cellular level. Cryotherapy - The Cold Method.

Biofreeze Pain Relieving products are the most widely-used and confidently- recommended products by hands-on health professionals for over 15 years. It is the pain reliever of choice for chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and athletic trainers.

Biofreeze Pain Reliever offers temporary relief of minor aches and pains related to:

• Back, Shoulder, and Neck strains

• Ankle, Knee, Hip and Elbow joint discomfort

• Muscle sprains and strains

Biofreeze works using the principle of cryotherapy which creates a cooling sensation that is transmitted through the nerve endings to the brain. It transmits at speed faster than most pain sensations or warming sensations. Unlike icing an area, Biofreeze allows blood to continue to flow to the area so that it can be naturally repaired.

Biofreeze also uses no animal products in its ingredients nor is it animal tested.

The History of Biofreeze

Biofreeze was first introduced to the world by a medical professional who was searching for a way to help his grandmother manage her arthritis pain. The formula he created consisted of the active ingredient menthol with a synergistic blend of inactive ingredients. The resulting formula offered quick, effective pain relief without the use of prescription drugs.

Today, Biofreeze products are providing relief to countless arthritis sufferers. But the pain reliever's unique, cooling formulation is also comforting to sore muscles and muscle sprains; easing back, shoulder and neck pain; reducing painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints and helping to lessen effects of muscular strains.

The company that launched Biofreeze was Performance Health, Inc. This company was acquired by the Hygenic Corporation in 2006. The Hygenic Corporation is located in Akron, Ohio and serves the hands-on healthcare professional markets with pain management solutions and with its Thera-Band brand product portfolio of Systems of Trusted Progression.

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