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The Hurricanes are a professional rugby team playing in the Super Rugby Competition. Graced with power, speed and flair they're forever the entertainers. The 2015 Super Rugby Champions are back to their table topping best in 2018.

The Hurricanes exclusively use the BLACKROLL® range of fascia tools (rollers and balls) to mobilize, strengthen and recover.

Active Nation and BLACKROLL® New Zealand are proud to partner with the Hurricanes in their quest to dominate.

Lisa Tamati - Ultra-Endurance Running

Lisa Tamati is a New Zealand sporting icon. 

Having clocked up more more than 70,000km to date, and having transversed almost every major desert in the world: inspirational becomes an understatement.

Lisa is among the world's top female ultra-athletes, and one of the world's few full time adventure runners.

Running is Lisa's passion, not only as a physical pursuit but as a means to inspire and help others.

Lisa understands the need for myofascial release as an integral part of her training and recovery, and we're delighted to have her as an Active Nation/BLACKROLL® New Zealand Athlete.

lisa tamati recovery and rollers

Kevin Manuel - Crossfit

Kevin Manuel first started CrossFit in his rugby off-season in 2010. 5 years later he qualified in the face of fierce competition from a 250,000 strong contingent of CrossFitters globally, all trying to make their way to the World CrossFit Games.

Kevin not only competed in the games, but he was named the 17th fittest man in the world. 3 years earlier his leg had been run over by a 14 tonne excavator... determined is an understatement when it comes to describing Kevin!

kevin manuel foam roller

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