More than just foam rollers. 

Love it, or your money back. Guaranteed.

Introducing Blackroll®

BLACKROLL® will improve your flexibility, balance, and strength and is the perfect compliment to classic treatments, such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing or osteotherapy.

The blackroll® range

BLACKROLL® will change your life. Guaranteed.

Countless sports and medical experts, top athletes and coaches recommend BLACKROLL® for self-massage and fascia training. 

The difference is, BLACKROLL® fascia rolls are harder than your average foam roller, guaranteeing a stronger, deeper massage effect. In fact they're not made out of foam at all, but PPE5, meaning they won't chip, sag, or compress over time. BLACKROLL® is a product you have for life. 

All BLACKROLL® products are 100% German-made using 100% recyclable source material, and free of any hazardous chemicals.

Blackroll® Rolls

The Blackroll® med and med 45 (Soft)

If your new to rolling, or just bouncing back from injury, the BLACKROLL MED is a popular option. 

Its the softest roll in the range and amazing for achieving a full body massage. 

the blackroll® standard, groove standard and standard 45

The BLACKROLL® STANDARD is the world's most popular BLACKROLL! Featuring a standard density, making this roll appropriate roll for almost every application.

Whilst the BLACKROLL STANDARD offers a smooth surface to roll out on, the BLACKROLL GROOVE STANDARD delivers a rutted surface that's ideal for those seeking a stronger massage effect. The GROOVE STANDARD also treats and prevents cellulite, as well as boosting blood circulation thanks to the vibration created as the roll starts to move. 


The FLOW is a revolution in design. Whilst one side of the FLOW offers a soft roll out of the fascia, the other, harder side both stimulates and activates the fascia and surrounding muscle tissue. 

The result? Hydrated fascia, and boosted circulation for the best mobility and performance of your life! 

the blackroll® pro and groove pro

The PRO is the highest density roll you'll find, guaranteed. Designed with more intense practices in mind, its 50% harder than the STANDARD. 

Whilst the GROOVE PRO offers the same high density, but with the addition of cleverly designed grooves to bolster the massage effect. The GROOVE PRO is recommended for professional use only. 



    The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER effortlessly slides into any of the 30cm BLACKROLL® rolls.

    The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is breaking new ground! Let the highly-efficient Vibra-Motion core move you in a way you've never experienced! 

    The BOOSTER offers an incredibly wide massage spectrum, targeting hardened muscles which it releases with ease. The BOOSTER proactively releases the surrounding tissue and releases it.

    But the BOOSTER is not just an add on to your roll. Its also its very own functional training tool. Once removed from your roll, it also becomes a pin-point massager!

    The German-developed and produced BOOSTER offers a maximized frequency range of 12 - 56 Hz with precise, flawless intensity regulation and features a Micro USB charge point and lithium-ion battery. 

    The BLACKROLL BOOSTER is ISO and TÜV certified.

    the blackroll® releazer and deep releazer

    The BLACKROLL® RELEAZER is breaking new ground in fascia release, and has come about from years of application in physiotherapy settings.
    • Increases blood flow
    • Increases hydration (cellulose regeneration)
    • Rejuvenates and regenerates the muscle fasciae tissue
    • Increases suppleness and mobility significantly
    • Offers a powerful vibration massage with 2 programmes
    • Offers 4 treatment surfaces
    • Battery life up to 11 hours per charge
    • Charging time approx. 2.5 hours
    • Non-slip grips with soft-touch surface
    • Includes application DVD
    • Made of premium solid wood
    • Includes a power unit

    blackroll ball

    the blackroll® ball

    The BLACKROLL BALL is an incredible tool for pinpoint application of the deeper lying muscles, and finds those tight spots like nothing else!

    A very popular tool for massage of the arms, neck and feet, and comes in two sizes, 8cm and 12cm. 

    The BLACKROLL BALL is incredibly versatile and can be used either on the table, wall or floor (and if its gets a little dirty, its 100% dishwasher-safe!)

    the blackroll® duoball

    The BLACKROLL DUOBALL is one of the most popular tools in the range. Incredible on tight and sore backs and neck. The space between the two balls has been cleverly engineered to provide a targeted and effective massage around the spine. 

    The BLACKROLL DUOBALL is popular especially for working through upper arms, deltoids, pectorals, and calves and can be either used on the wall or the floor. 

    Available in 2 great sizes, either 8cm or 12cm. 

    the blackroll® mini

    The BLACKROLL MINI is much more than just the world's smallest, most portable foam roller. It also provides research backed, targeted relief from the effects of plantar fasciitis (read the study here)

    The MINI also forms a connector device allowing you to bundle as many rolls together as you need!


    Small but great: the TWISTER is BLACKROLL®'s new secret weapon.

    The special studded surface and ergonomic concise curve of the TWISTER allow for a new targeted stimulation.

    The TWISTER is completely unique as it allows for an incredible combination of both pressure (compression) and twisting. The result? Boosted circulation, trigger bands and -points are stimulated and the fascial tissue becomes well hydrated.

    the blackroll® block

    • A multipurpose tool for storing MINI's, DuoBall and Balls
    • Is a myofascial release tool targeting hard to reach muscles
    • Can be used as a yoga block.

    the blackroll® posture

    • Provides instant correction of posture and upper body alignment to strengthen muscles over time.
    • Easy to use, can be worn underneath or on top of clothing
    • Increases oxygen intake through better posture
    It's also... Great for martial arts practitioners. Include it during practice and observe how the execution of your punching technique, combined with a hip rotation is trained; the POSTURE will help correct the execution of this movement. One size fits all.

    blackroll® research studies

    In medicine and physiotherapy a revolutionary new way of thinking about fascia is gaining more and more importance. Fascia and its function within the human anatomy and human biomechanics is now a main focus in medical research. The results speak for themselves and point out the necessity of more and more profound research.
    The crew at BLACKROLL® always strive for the best quality and set great value upon their goal of creating the best products with the highest impact possible.
    This can only be achieved by listening to the newest developments in sciences and research. Only by working closely with researchers and scientists with international renown we can keep developing the best and newest tools and exercises to ensure a healthy and well trained fascia.
    The research speaks for itself, and we have included some of it here for you to enjoy.

    Happy Rolling!

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