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XR Slide is the fastest growing and most affordable exercise product on the market today! 

Active Nation are the proud exclusive distributors of XR Slide to New Zealanders looking for a total solution to all their cardio, strength and toning, abdominal and core as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs.

Whether your losing weight, toning up, or a professional sportsperson, XR Slide is for you.XR Slideallows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements working multiple muscles, whilst engaging core stabilisation through the range of motion.

XR Slides help you achieve optimal range of motion more easily and consistently with a multitude of exercises - making the full range of each movement more engaging and purposeful.

XR Slide Basics with XR Slide Sports Model, Justine Switalla

XRSlide as Featured in Men's Health

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XR Slide is:

  • Versatile and Highly Effective - they're incredible for all levels of fitness and sports. Cardio, strength, toning, compound sports movements, stability and core abdominals.
  • Compact, Durable and Portable - they're perfect for exercising on the go. Easily fits in a sports bag, briefcase or backpack. Train at home, work, gym, hotel room, the park, just about anywhere!

XR Slide delivers:

- Full Body Strength and Toning Solutions

Quality of exercise counts when aiming to increase strength and tone of the body. The XR Slidegives you the quality of traditional exercises with the extra level of the new sliding movements attached to them. This accelerates all results available allowing you to work hard and get that little bit more for every workout. Adding the slides to your strength or toning workout can transform the look of your body as the extra muscles you will be using activate and become as strong or as toned as you like them.

- Abdominals and Core Stability Solutions

Adding the reduction of stability to traditionally static exercise, engage the inner core unit to activate through out an entire exercise. This gives theXR Slide user constant core activation needed to train for sport and indeed every day life. With the core exercise section in the training department you will find extensive options to train the external core above and beyond any other product on the market.

- Physio and Rehabilitation

The XR Slide provides a fully controlled base in which to start and finish a range of rehabilitation programs. Testing has shown early stage muscle tare recovery has been aided by the XR Slide. This is due to the minimal resistance movements allowing the muscle to travel to length with out the loading of gravity. This gives the user stable conditions to begin early mobilization and movement rehabilitation.

XR Circuit 1 - Cherokee 10's

XR Circuit 2 - Low Rider

XR Circuit 3 - Dig Deep

xr circuit 4 - vanilla slice

xr circuit 5 - meat grinder

xr circuit 6 - tax time

Xr Slide Demo - Cardio Slide

XR Slide Demo - hips and thighs

xr slide demo - slide burpees

xr slide demo-lunge variation

xr slide push-up regressions

Xr slide - hand placement

custom xrslides

Looking for customised XRSlides? Let us know, we'd love to help!


Amy Walsh – Physiotherapist, Amy Melbourne, Australia

I have been using XR Slide at our physiotherapy clinic for years now and I find they are a fantastic complement to the pilates work we do in the studio. As they dont take up a lot of space and are not expensive, a lot of our pilates clients have purchased them to do their own core workouts at home.
I also use with some of the junior swimmers I treat, as you can work the core in very functional positions, which then carries over well to help them maintain a good streamline position in the water.

On a personal level the xrslides have been fantastic rehab for myself after having a baby last year. They are a great time efficient tool whilst providing a hard workout that helped me activate my core more efficiently. I happily recommend xr slides to many of my patients.
Portelli Duspara – Mother & Fitness Model.
My trainer, introduced me to using XR Slide. He hands me these things and I had no idea what they were. Next thing I know, I'm in a full sweat, doing all these slide lunge variations, push ups, and then…the ab workouts…OMG!

Now, I take them wherever I might be training, whether indoors or outdoors. I generally mix them into every workout. They are SO good! They are really effective for keeping everything nice and firm. I love them!

xr slide partner program

Active Nation have an awesome Partner Program in place for physiotherapists, gyms, personal trainers and retailers looking to distribute XR Slide within New Zealand. Please reach out to us here for more information.
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