Tec-Rope - The Instantly Adjustable, Kink Free Skipping Rope



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Tec-Rope is the most advanced skipping rope to ever hit the market. Its revolutionary design features allow split-second adjustment in length. This feature makes it ideal for use by individuals, gyms, CrossFit (perfect for double-unders) and personal trainers.

Here Leana from
Xtreme Fitness in Hastings demonstrates how effortless the Tec-Rope is thanks to its liquid smooth ball bearings, and perfectly weighted rope length making the perfect arc:

Tec-Rope features a patented adjustment mechanism that brings superior performance to your skipping workout. Adjustment is instantaneous and precise, and time consumed in tying and untying knots is now thankfully a thing of the past!

With a split-second pull on the rope in either direction to provide your perfect length, combined with an advanced kink-free rope, the Tec-Rope takes the skipping workout to a whole new level!

Tec-Rope is proudly Australian made.

Tec-Rope in Action!

Click here to see the Tec-Rope in action, where students from Hesket Primary School, Victoria (Australia) provides a demonstration of their technical prowess through the use of Tec Rope products

Sizing Guide:

L/XL for users 177cm-198cm (5'10-6'6)

M/L for users 155-183cm (5'1-6')

S/M for users 157cm and below (5'2 and below)


"Hey Sam, Just want to say awesome, I used the skipping rope last night for a test run and what a great product it is. I really thought all ropes where similar. I was surprised the ease and flow of it.Just wanted to let you know."
Sheree, Hamilton

"When I got the chance to try out the Tec-rope I jumped at the chance. I've used a variety of ropes before, but without the right one I often found myself skipping it on my workouts.. Quite simply this was one of easiest ropes I've used in training. It seems impossible to tangle - which means my swearing quotient is much lower than usual. The rope has the perfect amount of weight to swing well without it being too heavy and totally burning your arms. I didn't need to 'learn the rope' at all. Straight out the package I was skipping like a pro. I felt like Floyd Mayweather, right off the shelf.."
Oli Pettigrew/TV host & personality

"I got one of these a while ago, and I really like the rope's elasticity and the pulling/length changing mechanism. When I go down to the park with mates for a workout, that system means we can hotswap the rope when alternating routines, and our different heights don't matter (I'm about a foot taller than the rest of them). All round, top product.."
Baron de Merxhausen/Melbourne DJ

travel the world as a professional performing artist, I need my equipment to look amazing, be reliable and of the finest quality. I have found the Tec-rope not only withstands hard skipping, it does not tangle during complex tricks and it looks incredible on stage.
Malia Walsh/Circus Artist & Choreographer

"Because I train in the inner city, where clients pay higher rates for personal training and are extremely goal oriented, they have a long term view to training, and expect the best. Clients look to me for purchasing cues and advice on elite equipment, so it makes sense that I use the Samurai Sword of Skipping Ropes. The Tec-rope suits anyone serious about cardio training, no matter the experience level or size.."
Alexander Schoeffel/Personal Trainer


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