Grip Strength: What It Means For Your Overall Fitness

What Your Grip Strength Says About You

It would seem we are almost genetically predisposed somehow to working mainly our larger muscle groups when we train. Maybe we do this because at a subconscious level we know working these bigger muscle groups burns more calories, and it accelerates our metabolism. So fair enough.

But what about your hand muscles?

What Your Grip Strength Says About You

Hand grip strength is important for a host of reasons, with doorknobs, tight jars and impressive handshakes, a wee way down that list.

New research now suggests that your hand grip strength might actually be telling of something far deeper though: as some studies now reveal that grip strength can be a good initial screening test that identifies women at higher risk of osteoporosis.

Interesting stuff.

But perhaps more interesting is the fact that some research now shows grip strength to be a predictor of overall mortality. Grip strength, as common sense would tell you, is an indirect reflective of muscle mass, therefore a decrease in hand grip strength is predictive of an increased risk a potential future disability.

Interestingly, it also seems that neither sex are immune to a loss in grip strength as we age, with both males and females experiencing noticeable losses in grip strength from their late 30's onwards.

So What Do I Do?

If we don't engage in some form of resistance training, adults become sarcopenic (the degenerative loss of muscle mass) with age. We increase fat mass, and decrease muscle mass. Not great.

We also run the risk of becoming a TOFI (thin outside/fat outside) because of this and also become more prone to falls and injuries.

Resistance training helps us avoid this, almost completely if done effectively, with a formalised plan about boosting not only your bodies overall muscle mass, but also specifically your grip strength.

Active Nation Can Help

In the first instance we would always recommend trying to improve your grip strength through a structured resistance program that might incorporate grip strength training.

If you're after a great fix for your grip though, Active Nation can help with a popular line up of products to boost grip strength, available to you right here in New Zealand.



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