5 Must Try's For The 🍑 You Want in 2018!

Mini-bands and loop bands are a light, portable, travel-friendly tool that will transform and reshape your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and if you've never tried a banded exercise, now's the time!  You'll feel the difference adding a band can make with traditional low...
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BLACKROLL is perhaps best known for its effectiveness as a recovery and injury prevention tool. But your BLACKROLL is also a phenomenal way to increase train not only boosting your strength but your speed as well.  Below you'll find a few of our favourite exercises to t...
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Want to know how foam rolling can benefit your yoga practice?

Grab some inspiration and ideas in our video below with the award winning Blackroll range as to how foam rolling can benefit your yoga practice.Enjoy xxx ...
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Trap Bars first made their mark on the world in 1985 when powerlifting aficionado Al Gerard patented an awesome new design that looked a bit like a high school geometry project gone wrong. The hexagonal shape bar had been created by Gerard who was looking for a way to t...
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Goal Setting by Lisa Tamati

December 20, 2017

Goal Setting by Lisa Tamati | For Business Owners, Executives and Athletes

If you have some lofty goals whether they're athletic, professional or personal, to achieve in 2018 Active Nation's friend Lisa Tamati has mapped out a route to get you there! Lisa is an overachiever (although she'd be too humble to admit it) with a running career competing ...
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How Plaque Affects the Heart

November 22, 2017
Did you know that people who suffer from periodontal disease (gum disease) have a higher risk of strokes and coronary artery disease? Gum disease is often triggered by plaque overload! Oral plaque does affect the heart. This is why proper oral care, which minimizes the prese...
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5 Benefits of Morning Exercise

November 21, 2017
Many of us would probably enjoy mornings if they could just start a little later. However for many of us, the morning is often the only time to exercise before work, kids, and/or life happens.  So as summer sets in and the days become longer, what are the advantages to ...
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Running with a Weighted Vest

November 8, 2017

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Exercising with a weights vest is a really clever way to add resistance to any workout, and thereby increase intensity, workload and ultimately results. More specifically when it comes to running, the research is pretty convincing to the upside when it comes to training unde...
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Want to start your morning off right every morning? Below you'll find an incredible rolling routine that will get your whole body activated, waking up every single cell in your body whilst also both relaxing and mobilising. Check out BLACKROLL Master Trainer Eefje's dai...
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New Zealand's First BLACKROLL HUB | Peak Health and Fitness

Here at BLACKROLL® New Zealand we get genuine enjoyment out of watching our brand partners grow. One such partner, Peak Health and Fitness has undertaken some really dramatic growth, particularly in the past 12 months. These guys are on a mission. A mission to put the 'heal...
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