Goal Setting by Lisa Tamati

Lisa Tamati

Lisa Tamati

Goal Setting by Lisa Tamati | For Business Owners, Executives and Athletes

If you have some lofty goals whether they're athletic, professional or personal, to achieve in 2018 Active Nation's friend Lisa Tamati has mapped out a route to get you there!

Lisa is an overachiever (although she'd be too humble to admit it) with a running career competing in some of the world's toughest endurance races.

She chronicles her adventures throughout her running career in her two books, Running Hot and Running to Extremes. 

Lisa's journey started with a massive road block however: two broken vertebrae and two compressed discs following a cycling accident at the tender age of 21 that lead doctors to tell Lisa she'd never run again. Lisa rose above this though, with the more than 70,000km she's racked up since as testament to this. 

Amongst her running career, Lisa has found time to not only found but run five successful companies, as well as produce a number of endurance racing's best known documentaries as well as being a regular on New Zealand's sports and talk shows on both radio, TV and print media.

Lisa has taken what she has learnt in her career and is now keen to empower others to further develop their own mental strength, emotional resilience and reach their full potential. 

Goal-setting has been integral to Lisa's success, and Lisa wants to share her pathway to success with you on the below attached link. 

Enjoy, and all the very best for a prosperous and bright 2018!


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