The All New BLACKROLL HUB | Peak Health and Fitness

New Zealand's First BLACKROLL HUB | Peak Health and Fitness

Here at BLACKROLL® New Zealand we get genuine enjoyment out of watching our brand partners grow. One such partner, Peak Health and Fitness has undertaken some really dramatic growth, particularly in the past 12 months. These guys are on a mission. A mission to put the 'health" part back into the term "health and fitness". As a part of that journey they've created a number of truly unique opportunities for the Havelock North community including some really cool concepts of late with the most recent being the launch of New Zealand's first BLACKROLL® HUB!

Some of the Peak Team...
Some of the Peak Team...

The BLACKROLL® HUB | Havelock and Beyond

The launch of the all new BLACKROLL® HUB within Peak Health and Fitness brings about an opportunity for the good people of Hawkes' Bay from every walk of life to recover faster from a physical perspective, prevent injury, reduce chronic pain and muscle damage all whilst increasing flexibility, strength & performance on the award-winning BLACKROLL® Range of myofascial release products whilst under the expert guidance of fully qualified trainers. 

Go Roll with Them!
Go Roll with Them!

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