Self Myofascial Release: Enhancing Kiwi Performance and Recovery

Self Myofascial Release

Enhancing Kiwi Performance and Recovery

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What Is Fascia?

Whatever you sport you've undoubtedly had those sore spots, tight knots, aches and pains at some stage.

Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) alleviates this discomfort, and whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional athlete SMR will see you moving better, recovering faster, and performing optimally.

Your Fascia


"The muscular system not only functions but is basically held together, because of an important but often overlooked tissue: the fascia. Collectively, this connective tissue, which surrounds and interpenetrates every muscle, bone, nerve and organ, comprises a three-dimensional full body "catsuit" that provides a network of support and structure for the body. The fascia have a huge influence on how we move, on our posture, our perception of pain and the muscular system. It is these elements of the body where myofascial release focuses on to prevent muscle ache and improve recovery of the muscles to eventually increase physical mobility, flexibility and thereby our performance."

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Your Fascia Extends From Head to Toe

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What is SMR?

Kiwi's spanning generations are now benefiting from self myofascial release or SMR, as an effective technique to ease tension and adhesions in the muscles and its surrounding fascia. They are achieving this with the use of specifically designed rolls and balls.

Here at Active Nation we consider ourselves lucky that we work with the world's best SMR tools, BLACKROLL. BLACKROLL® offers qualitative tools with various densities to target these fascial and muscular tension, that provides an intense massage of the muscles and fascia.

Injuries from overuse, inflammation or even surgery can cause the fascia to scar or harden, which will give you that unwelcome stiff feeling restricting the body to be optimally mobile and flexible. Through self massage, hydration of the fascia is stimulated and will improve and restore the range of (joint) motion, reduce muscle prevent muscle ache and improve recovery of the muscles to eventually increase physical mobility, flexibility and thereby our performance.

Using SMR in everyday use for your warm up and cool down

Using BLACKROLL® before and after your training or just to start up your day, will not only improve your sport performance but also your posture and therefore your overall well-being – by experiencing relief from pain and stiffness.

With BLACKROLL® it is possible to perform exercises that aim at balance work as well which stabilise and further mobilise your body. To achieve this, BLACKROLL® produces various roll-out tools to work with, using your own body weight and strength to prepare and regenerate the muscular system and improve the blood circulation. Improving blood circulation will not only get you warmed up but it will improve oxygen and nutrient rich blood to flow and can help benefit the heart and the body's muscles and arteries.

Your skin, which reflects your energy level and health, will benefit as well since increased blood circulation will fasten the removal of metabolic wastes and toxins from your cells. In short: it will help you look and feel more healthy.

Our recommendation for Myofascial Release

Working out with BLACKROLL® has been established in the Functional Training, (performance) top sports and manual therapeutic scene for some time and has now arrived in broader circles and sectors. BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sport levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength by doing simple exercises and performing self massage.

Let's look at the muscular system and its characteristics and sum up the benefits of myofascial release with BLACKROLL®, which is increasingly supported by scientific research and a wide range of therapists and treatments.Why use BLACKROLL®?

✓ Significantly increase the flexibility, mobility and performance of your muscular system

✓ Prevent muscle pain and avoid typical injuries and muscle damage that occur from overuse

✓ Specifically target regeneration of the muscles and increase blood circulation

✓ Improving poor posture by balance work and strengthening your core

✓ Stimulate more nutrient-rich blood to circulate, soothing your skin's appearance and reducing cellulite

✓ BLACKROLL® material is waterproof, lightweight (150 g, standard version) compact and easy to clean. It easily travels with you

✓ BLACKROLL® is produced energy efficiently in Germany, is 100 % free of chemicals and 100 % recyclable

✓ With only little effort BLACKROLL® will actively contribute to your fitness, performance and well-being, reduce pain and prevent typical (sports-) injuries.


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