Taking a minimalist approach to health


Minimalism isn't a new movement, but it is a liberating one. Minimalism is about de-cluttering your life from all the "stuff" that's inhibiting your freedom whether that be fear, guilt, worry, or any other negative emotional state.

It seems as a society, we've become so obsessed with "stuff", that our mates in the US will this year throw away 40% of the food they purchase as waste. And if this statistic did make the TV news, you'd definitely know about it: as American's now own more TV's than there are people (Source: Relevant).

It seems we're all a bit wired to accumulate material possessions. Material possessions are all well and good, and lets be , we'd love you to become enraptured in our mouth-watering array of health and fitness goodies right here at Active Nation, (please help us "minimalise" our stock by all means) , but we'd urge you to do it in a responsible way, not only for financial reasons, but for environmental reasons and perhaps of paramount importance: for health reasons. It seems too much "stuff' can make us feel overwhelmed and trapped.

Minimalism and Your Health

"Stuff" can be more than just possessions. Stuff can be thoughts and our pre-conceived ideas.

A minimalist approach to your health revolutionises the way you live, by questioning the "stuff" in your lifestyle that might be holding you back. Consider these two points as you move towards a more minimal approach to your health, where less is definitely more:


Why complicate something that doesn't need to complicated. I was once offered the advice when training: "never eat something your Grandmother wouldn't recognise". Sound advice, when tempered with our modern knowledge-base around what constitutes a good diet. We're often swayed by the latest fad diet, or told something is "killing us", but really if we eat a balanced diet, with minimal processed foods we can't go too far wrong.

Take a minimalist approach to what you consume. Eat a balanced diet rich in variety, that satisfies.

Minimise your dependency on doing things for the wrong reason.

When it comes to health and fitness we all become quite focussed on the numbers. And that's actually quite cool.

What's not cool though is an obsession with numbers. In my earlier years as a Personal Trainer I witnessed grown adults devastated, and some close to tears as they peered agonisingly at their scales to see they'd only lost a minimal amount of weight, or sometimes none at all in a week, or a fortnight. Weight loss in particular is an easy one to pick on when it comes to the numbers. We're obsessed with our weight. Sometimes we don't stop and think to ourselves, we can run faster than we used to, or our clothes fit better, or we just plain feel better. Nope, we'd rather focus on the scales.

This kind of thinking in many ways can be self-destructive. If we're so focussed on achieving a particular number be it a measurement or weight, and that doesn't happen (which could be due to water retention, fluid intake, a positive change in your bodies' composition, or a plethora of other reasons), we often feel worse. Feeling worse can be the destructive part. Our minds trick us into believing what we're doing isn't working, so we often regress and re-adopt bad health and fitness as well as lifestyle choices under the false belief: "that what we're doing simply isn't working".

Again minimise your dependency on numeric goals, focus on how you feel. Have freedom over your fears and let go every now and then.

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