Them Summer Runs

As the cooler spring morning subside, giving way to the warmer summer ones, many folk pop their running shoes away to hibernate for the summer. And who can blame them? Heat sucks. And the flies. Couple this with the wind-up of the core running calendar for the year and you could be forgiven for thinking there's just cause here.

But then you'd be missing something.

Summer is a great time to train and more specifically run. Longer daylight hours are awesome. Lighter mornings, and longer evenings. Energy and activity levels are also at an all time high in summer.

So here are our tips for your best summer of running yet!

Enjoy the summer runs!

Our Top Six Simple Tips for Summer Running

1. Mix it up. You've most likely just come off a winter training program of longer workouts, summer can be a great time to ease your way into some shorter training bouts.

2. Adjust. Try and work around the heat of the day, and run early or run late. If you have to run in through a lunch break, pick a route with some shade, or perhaps, even consider the occasional treadmill run.

3. Wear the right threads. Go for clothing thats light in colour, and lightweight. Also importantly remember to Slip Slop Slap. Oh and Wrightsock's thats a given :)

4. Watch your drinks. Drink plenty of fluids but make sure they're the right ones. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, which can be really pronounced in hotter climates. Remember to hydrate prior, during (regularly) as well as after your workout.

5. Take it easy. As the temperature rises, your running slows. Its unfortunate, but don't fight it.

6. Find the shade. Its not rocket science, but try and pick a route with some shade from trees, buildings etc'. Running on the grass is also obviously a much cooler alternative to running on the road or path.


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