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A recent German study looked at the training behaviour of about 3.000 CrossFit athletes and 100 CrossFit Box owners. It found a Crossfit Box was more likely to be equipped with a roll like BLACKROLL® (96%) than a shower (73%) (source BLACKROLL.com).

Crossfit as a sport clearly understand the advantages of rolling to boost mobility, optimise recovery, enhance flexibility and now more than ever we understand the advantages that BLACKROLL® specifically offers Crossfit athletes.

Crossfit and BLACKROLL®: A Marriage Made in Fitness Heaven

BLACKROLL® has quite literally exploded on to the scene in New Zealand. Its unique combination as a mobility, recovery and functional training tool backed by years of research and innovation has seen Crossfitters flock to BLACKROLL®.

But why do Crossfit athletes love BLACKROLL®?

Here are the 15 best reasons...

15 Top Reasons Crossfit loves BLACKROLL®

  1. A roll for every soul. There's a roll just for you, with a range of graduated densities and textures, in a rainbow of colours, there's a BLACKROLL® to suit your Crossfit journey.
2. BLACKROLL® aren't foam rollers. To start with these German engineered, manufactured and designed rolls are made with long-lasting polypropylene. Foam rollers, chip, compress and deform. BLACKROLL® won't.

3. No nasty stuff. They're completely free of propellants and nasty chemicals.They are made out of PP5 (polypropylene) which is mainly used in food packaging and the medical industry.

4. No smell. They are completely inodorous.

5. They're dishwasher proof. Wash away blood (we hope not), sweat and tears in the dishwasher.

6. They're Kiwi summer-proof. If you left your roll in the car on a hot summer's day you'd be sweet. These puppies are heat stable to at least 110 degrees.

7. They're Kiwi winter proof. They are also completely water-resistant.

8. They're good for the planet. They're made out of 100% recyclable materials.

9. They travel well. They offer an incredible lightweight design, at just 150g for the Standard version.

10. You can pop a vibrating core in your BLACKROLL®. This novel technology offers the unique Vibra Motion Technology, offering a very wide massage spectrum, hardened muscles from your most recent WOD get targeted release whilst the surrounding tissue is multidimensionally stimulated.
11. BLACKROLL® is an amazing functional training tool. BLACKROLL® is a renowned myofascial release tool renowned for boosting athletic recovery, mobility and performance but also uniquely a functional training tool in its own right. The video below offers a full functional workout with your BLACKROLL®. Or if you're keen you can try and replicate Spanish National Gymnast Nestor Abad's workout below.
12. The BLACKROLL® BALL - The BLACKROLL® BALLS are awesome for targeted self-massage. They are quite simply a massage ball like no other!
13. Tight biceps, triceps, delts, pecs, calves and backs are a thing of the past. Thanks to the mighty DUOBALL. This little tool is super popular because of its incredible versatility and wide variety of applications.
14. BLACKROLL® can cure plantar fascitis with the MINI
The MINI is an incredibly versatile tool.
  1. Its a travel foam roll.
  2. Its research-proven as a cure for plantar fasciitis
  3. Its amazing for easing tight forearms.
  4. It also forms an inter-connector device for connecting two or more of your favourite rolls together to make a longer roll.
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15. The TWISTER nails neck, chest, shoulder, forearm and foot soreness.

This tool is incredibly popular within Crossfit for targeted relief for amazing therapeutic results.


Now's a great time to address your mobility, performance, recovery and flexibility with the use of BLACKROLL®. With an extensive network of Boxes who distribute BLACKROLL® around New Zealand there is sure to be one near you. For more details on the range and to find your nearest distributor click here and let BLACKROLL® change the way you train!


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