Boost Recovery and Avoid Injury Through Myofacial Release with these BLACKROLL® Tips for Runners

Running and Injuries

US Studies have pointed to the fact that "the overall yearly incidence rate for running injuries varies between 37 and 56%" (Source: US National Institute of Health), which varies depending on the specificity of the runners concerned (competitive, professional, amateur etc').

The data suggests, as does anecdotal evidence that running is an amazingly beneficial physical pursuit, however not without injury.
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Track and Field Olympic Star Ellen Sprunger with her BLACKROLL

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By incorporating BLACKROLL® exercises into your running routine, you'll improve your mobility, boost your recovery and help prevent injuries. You'll be restoring the fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, joints and bones).

Used in combination with cross training and stretching BLACKROLL® will noticeably improve your performance and get you to your event in perfect shape, whether you're a recreational runner, or have aspirations to compete at Tokyo 2020!

THE Solution

To help you get the most out of your BLACKROLL® as a runner, simply click below to open up a whole new world of movement, recovery, and performance in your running!

The brand Lisa Trusts

New Zealand running icon, Lisa Tamati trusts BLACKROLL for her performance and recovery, see below for Lisa's tips and tricks for optimal running performance.

Want more on running with BLACKROLL?

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Happy Running!


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