4 Simple Exercises to Cure Back Pain

Us Kiwi's and Our Backs

With 45,847 new claims to ACC for lower back and spine injuries in 2014 due to sports alone its clear that a nation we've got some kind of issue with back pain (source: ACC Statistics).

Isolating the underlying cause is well beyond our humble scope, but clearly something is askew. However the time we now spend sitting be it at the office, in the car, or in the comfort of your own home, may have a direct correlation to back pain. Sitting is a static type of posture that increases stress in your back, shoulders, arms, and legs, and can put abnormal amounts of pressure on the muscles and your spinal discs. Our natural tendency when seated is also to slouch, and this posture puts strain on the discs and structures surrounding your spine as well as your spinal ligaments. Over time our backs weaken and our posture deteriorates. Once we hit the sporting field, court, water, road or gym, our weakened backs cop the brunt of the impact, and hey presto: back pain.

The problem with back pain from a sporting perspective reaches far beyond our increasingly sedentary lives however, and is exacerbated by many things including but in no means limited to poor form, improper or lack of mobility and flexibility programming, contact sports (bless you, rugby!), and repetitive impact sports.

One of the keys to avoiding back pain is to have a stronger back, and you'll find 4 simple exercises that will take a matter of minutes out of your day that will see your back strengthen, and your back pain subside.

the 4 exercises that will strengthen your back using your Blackroll

Your BLACKROLL is completely unique in that its not only an amazing tool for self myofascial release but is also an incredible functional strength tool.

Below are four exercises which we recommend incorporating into your fitness program 3-4 times a week that will have a profound impact on your back strength.

Exercise Number 1... The Standing Scale

Starting Position

Hold the BLACKROLL® in both hands.

Step forward slightly with one leg.

The supporting (front) leg is slightly bent, and situated under the center of gravity.

The rear leg is extended.

The upper body leans forward slightly.

The arms are extended.


Stretch the arms forward.

The arms and upper body are parallel with the floor.

Lift the rear leg off the floor, and bend the hips.

Raise the rear leg until it is line with your torso.

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Exercise Number 4... Bird Dog

Starting Position

Kneel on the BLACKROLL® with both legs.

Place your hands on the floor, lengthening the shoulders.

Extend the right leg backward so that it forms a line with your upper body.


Slowly extend your left arm out in front of you.

Draw the right leg back in, then extend the left leg back so that it lines up with your upper body.

Slowly extend your right arm out in front of you.

Repeat the sequence 7 times per side.

functional strength and your blackroll

Your BLACKROLL is very unique in that its not only an awesome myofascial release product but also an amazing strength training product. For more on the full gamete of exercises possible on your BLACKROLL be sure to check out the video below, or see our dedicated BLACKROLL page.

Exercise Number 3... Upper Body and Spine Mobilisation

Starting Position

Kneel on the floor in front of the BLACKROLL®.

Lean your upper body slightly forward, and place both forearms on the BLACKROLL®, at the point just above the wrist.

Thumbs point upward, fingers forward.

Elbows are bent at an angle of a little more than 90 degrees.


Slowly extend arms forward, then back.

Move the head forward between the arms.

Allow the back and the stomach to sag slightly.

Exercise Number 2... Thoracic Spine Mobilisation

Starting Position

Get on all fours.

The BLACKROLL® lies on the floor, positioned lengthwise between your arms and legs.

Hands are beneath your shoulders.

Legs are hip-width apart.

The knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle.

The right wrist is placed on the BLACKROLL®.


With your right arm on the BLACKROLL®, roll to the left, lowering your right shoulder toward the floor.

Rotate until your hand is pointing toward the ceiling.

Look toward the palm of your hand (your head also rotates during the exercise).

The left arm remains extended throughout the entire exercise.

Then roll back to the starting position.


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