Beating Office Pain

As a nation we're spending increasing amounts of time working at a desk. To say this isn't great for our bodies would be an understatement. A number of BLACKROLL users have found the use of these few tips to be highly beneficial to getting them through their work day pain-free, and with an increased range of motion.

Perhaps the biggest issue we hear about when it comes to what we classify as "office pain" (we all know that feeling on a Monday morning!) are hands. Your hands are very unique when it comes to working in a desk-bound job. Your hands must perform very complex, precise movements in order to type, click a mouse and write. We probably take these movements for granted, but a number of these movements involve some serious hand and finger acrobatics when you really think about it. We're extending fingers, crossing fingers (in our case, more than average) and doing some fairly repeated actions (think about the simple task of clicking a mouse). Our hands get overused, which can have a direct impact on not only our hands, but forearms, shoulder, chests and overall posture.

Below you'll find 4 awesome exercises you can do whilst waiting for the copier, talking on the phone, or grabbing something to drink. We encourage everyone to try them for a week to see truly realise the positive impact these 4 exercises can have on your life.

Forearm and Hand with the MINI

Starting position

Sit upright at the table.

Place the BLACKROLL® MINI under the forearm or the wrist.


Roll the forearm between the wrist and the elbow by rolling back and forth.

When the elbow is reached, slowly return to the starting position.


Starting Position

Stand upright.

Place the BLACKROLL® DUOBALL on the shoulder between the wall and the upper arm.


Move the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder by moving up and down.

When the lowest point is reached, slowly return to the initial position.


Starting position

Sit upright and, if possible, have your right leg slightly elevated.

Take the BLACKROLL® TWISTER with the left hand and apply it to the right forearm (close to the elbow).

Place the right arm loosely and relaxed on the right thigh.


Compression with the BLACKROLL®TWISTER can be applied to existing trigger points in the forearm region.

Apply as much pressure as you can withstand for approximately 15 seconds.

Then go to another tender point or focus on the other arm.


Starting position

Place the BLACKROLL® BALL on the chest next to your armpit and just below the clavicle.

Then place the BLACKROLL® BLOCK on the center of the BLACKROLL® BALL.

Apply moderate pressure to the block with both arms.


In small circles and rocking movements with the ball roll over the area.

Repeat on the opposite side.

A complete massage takes about 30 seconds per side.

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